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Its a new look… August 8, 2008

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a new time…
a new job…
a new season…
a new place…
and a new name.

You have now entered the documentary shangri-la…

Now, here is a kinks song.


Moving Images and Feminism March 22, 2008



grassroots video, parody and mainstream politics February 12, 2008

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The masses–armed with their sense of humor and video cameras–are going to make this election season glorious. I can feel it already:


You go girl! February 11, 2008

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Here is to Amy Winehouse… you can’t keep a scappy puppy down! I look forward to hearing all of her good music in the years to come.


This is what I have been up to… February 9, 2008

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I have always wanted to start a film festival:


Please help us transport festival culture and great creative work to the cornfields of Illinois!

Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival
March 27-30, 2008
Call for Submissions
Deadline: February 29, 2008

We are looking for films of high artistic quality that satisfy at least two of the following criteria:
1. Films created with an eye for gender and/or social justice issues
2. Films that link local and global issues
3. Films created by people underrepresented in the media field (women, people of color, queer/transgendered, the
4. Films made by people from the Central Illinois area

How to submit:
Send a DVD or digital videotape of your film and a cover letter addressing the film festival criteria to:

Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival
Christopher Mitchell
Theatre Arts Department
600 Lincoln Ave
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL 61920

1. Films should be short: under 60 minutes in length.
2. Film DVD or digital videotape should be labeled with 1) your name, address, and email address and 2) the title of your
3. You should email us at to confirm the submission.
4. In your cover letter, explain how you and your film fit our criteria and include a two-three sentence synopsis.

Note: There is no submission fee for this film festival.This film festival promotes the mission of our Women’s Studies Program at Eastern Illinois University: to promote an understanding of how issues related to gender, age, race, economic status, sexual identity, and nationality affect women’s lives and the communities in which they live. In order to promote an equitable and sensitive environment for all persons, the Council also responds to issues affecting women on campus and in the community.


Si, Se Puede!

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A little music…some moving images and you have magic!

Finally, some vision about the future that doesn’t involve killing people!


Readings on Argumentation February 3, 2008

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We are in the home stretch of finishing our book project:
And just a small observation for all those aspiring authors out there…indexing sucks!